How retailers are embracing innovation to optimise their store and empower their employees

Every year retailers are faced with the same challenge; how to increase sales while at the same reducing costs and spending less.

Celebrate your success at work! The fun way to lift the workplace

How often do you celebrate your successes in the workplace? It can too be easy for us to become caught up in our day-to-day roles without pausing to reflect and celebrate our successes.

The importance of having a great schedule

For some people it’s a schedule, others call it a rota and for some it might even be a roster. For us, they are one and the same. And if you’re serious about running your business more effectively,

My Checklist for Ensuring a Successful Workforce Management Project

Over the past few years I’ve seen, managed and participated in over 500 Workforce Management (WFM) implementation projects together with our customers and partners.

Efficiency soars at London City Airport thanks to Quinyx

London City Airport has reduced the time it takes them to create their schedules by 50% and increased employee engagement since they began using Quinyx. 

 5 trends within the hotel industry for 2017

Music, scents, environment and branding aren’t always top of the list when we talk about what’s happening in the hotel industry but, in 2017, it’s more than simply price and economic factors which

Why Your Workforce Management Solution Needs to Be in The Cloud

 Every day I have the privilege to meet with senior CIOs, HR Directors and CFOs at leading organisations. Over the past few years I’ve followed and participated in numerous IT-transition projects and

The best way to reduce costs, improve efficiency and have motivated employees

We’re kicking 2017 off in style by hosting two ‘power breakfasts’ in two different countries with workforce management the top item on the menu.

4 trends in the workplace to look out for in 2017

The sun has now set on 2016, a year full of surprises from start to finish. We saw a huge shift in the political landscape in Europe and the USA, a changing dynamic in the way we work and significant

What do you enjoy most about Christmas?

With only days to go until Christmas is here, we asked our staff one simple question…

4 things I learnt when I swapped the board room for the restaurant floor

Our entire business at Quinyx is built around understanding our customers’ operational challenges and helping them to solve them by developing great software.

Five things we've learnt in 2016

It’s tough to know where to start when we look back at 2016. It’s been the year of Trump and Brexit, the year we’ve said goodbye to Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali, and the year we took to our phones