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How retailers can deliver an enhanced experience for their customers and employees
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on July 25, 2017

We know if you’re a retailer, there’s never a dull moment. With technological innovations coming thick and fast, new challenges appearing on a regular basis, and changing needs of both your customers and employees, running a successful retail business requires dynamic and forward thinking...

The impact of Quinyx at Benugo
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on July 12, 2017

A 35% reduction on the time spent working on schedules, a 50% fall in the time taken by speaking with staff about their rotas and a 100% improvement in communication.

Success stories with the Quinyx Academy
Christine Rosenberg
By Christine Rosenberg
on June 20, 2017

At Quinyx we believe, if you’re passionate about learning, you’ll never stop growing.

5 ways we can help you improve warehouse efficiency
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on June 15, 2017

There are two key reasons for improving warehouse efficiency; customer satisfaction and the bottom-line.

8 ways to have happier employees
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on June 5, 2017

The message is always doom and gloom if we’re to believe what we’re told about employee happiness and engagement at work.

How to reduce the amount of time you spend on scheduling
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on May 12, 2017

From restaurants to retailers, hotels to health clubs – scheduling is a vital part of running an efficient business.

3 of the biggest challenges facing restaurant managers
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on May 4, 2017

Running a single restaurant is a tough job, running a chain of restaurants and ensuring they’re successful is an even tougher nut to crack.

5 key takeaways from WFM Day 2017 in London
Tommy Tonkins
By Tommy Tonkins
on April 13, 2017

On Thursday, April 6 we held our first Workforce Management Day in the UK.

Bringing together a selection of industry experts, Quinyx customers and people interested in learning more about the future of workforce management, the day provided delegates with the opportunity to discover the benefits...

Why Private Cloud Won’t Give You The True Cloud Benefits
Erik Fjellborg
By Erik Fjellborg
on April 10, 2017

More and more enterprises are moving to the cloud at a faster pace than ever before. However, some clouds are different to others, and we’re seeing different variations of  cloud-solutions being adopted by the enterprise.

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